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The Evolutionary Background of Meru Sangham

National feelings were very high during the early years of independence Social welfare and community development were the Priorities during the first half of nineteen fifties.

A staunch socialist and an enthusiastic experienced industrialist of Meru community Mr.Talla Narsimloo of Hyderabad was longing to start a sangham for the unity and the upliftment of the people of the community. During the same course of time Mr.Kandula Pandarinath of Hyderabad and Mr.K.V. Keshavulu of Chennur, Adilabad District met  Mr.Talla Narsimloo and expressed their progressive thoughts. The interaction among the three and many more other socialists of the community resulted in the formation of Telangana Meru sangham in 1954. As the follow up program the first Meru Conference was held in Hyderabad under the Chairmanship of Mr.Talla Narsimloo in his factory grounds in Azamabad Hyderabad in 1954 itself. The conference had elected Mr. Talla Narsimloo as the President, Mr.K.V.Keshavuloo and Mr. K.Pandarinath as general secretaries of the Sangham.