Meru Sangam Official Website is ready to use

Hey Folks,

Our new Meru Sangam website is ready to use now. It has the below features which are useful for all the age groups.

1. Home page registration - It has the privacy settings to avoid data manipulation and misuse.
2. Meru Vivahavedika - Users can register their profile and keep their data confidential, it is visible only for the registered members. It also has user photographs, send request, chat and many more.
3. Jobs - Hot jobs will be posted in to the Jobs page, Job seekers can find the suitable openings using search options.
4. Meru Family Tree - This is a speacial features helps us to connect to our relatives across the world. You can add and send request to your relatives to add their information in to this page. (under construction)
5. Surname & Gothralu - This options gives the list of Surnames and Gotharalu in our community.
6. News & Photos - This options will have the latest news which are happening across the world and their photos.
7. Classifieds - This option is more useful for Self employees, business people to advertise their business.
8. Yellow Pages - Important contacts are available in this option.
9. Forum - For discussions
10. Chat - Helps to connect with our Meru Family.
11. Meru NRI's - To connect with NRI's across the globe.
12. Meru Services - It will have the Services which our sangam is providing to us. (under construction)

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For any clarifications, do reach out to us at:

Hope everyone likes it.

Best Regards,
Meru Youth Team